Saturday, July 19, 2008


Greetings from energyguy, aka Roger E. Sowell, SOB. Society of Oil Boilers.
aka beer drinker, guitar player, with friends in low places.

I have also signed off as energy attorney, former refinery process engineer, with a BS in chemical engineering. All very true, as I am all of the above. It has been a most interesting life, thus far!

I set up this blog for the purpose of collecting my writings, comments really, on Putting them in one place seems like a good idea to me.

I have been posting on TH for about a year, perhaps less as energyguy. I posted as Texn Engneer earlier, but had computer problems of some sort and got a new handle. Same guy.

The topics for my posts are on things that I know a bit about, like energy, cars, oil, natural gas, renewable energy, and oil refineries. I also post on things I am interested in but know very little about, like global warming and politics.

I am accused by some of being a conservative. Could be. I prefer to think of myself as a Compassionate Rational Consequentialist. Sometimes, conservatism aligns with CRC, sometimes not.

For example, I know that President Jimmy Carter was absolutely correct in banning nuclear fuel rod reprocessing in the U.S. because it provides plutonium that could fall into the hands of terrorists. President Carter has a degree in nuclear engineering and knows his stuff on that one. I am still looking for other things that he and I agree on.

I read and agree (mostly) with the writings of Dr. Thomas Sowell, PhD in economics and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford. By the way, we are not related even though we share a last name. My ancestors are from somewhere in the British Isles, his are from somewhere in Africa. That matters not one bit to me. The man has his head on straight, and can write. And write well. I don't resemble Dr. Sowell very much. He has more hair.

Dr. Thomas Sowell, if you are reading this, we should talk. It would be a pleasure, and an honor for me.

I have a couple of other websites and blogs, my attorney website is

My legal blog is Entries on there are more oriented to legal cases, issues in the law, and my comments on such.

Finally, my comments on TH are sometimes responses to others. It makes more sense to have my comments and theirs together on this blog. It is much like a conversation, you can follow it better if you hear both sides. Or three or four or a dozen sides. It gets interesting on TH.

Without intending offense to anyone, and exercising my First Amendment rights to free speech, and Free Exercise of Religion, I give you the words found in the Book of Colossians, Chapter 1, verses 9 through 12, as found in the Revised Standard Version as copyrighted in 1971 by Thomas Nelson Inc, publishers.

Per California law regulating attorneys, this blog is defined as a communication. Pursuant to California law, the attorney responsible for this blog's content is Roger E. Sowell. However, Mr. Sowell does not endorse, condone, nor support any comments posted by others on this blog. Mr. Sowell will periodically check such comments and delete those in poor taste or offensive, as judged solely by Mr. Sowell.

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