Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gasoline Prices Drop 3.5 cents on West Coast

I wrote, as energyguy on Townhall, that gasoline prices are dropping in the Los Angeles area.

Another commenter scoffed, and said that gasoline prices are a national issue, not a local one.

I of course disagreed. I have never seen anyone drive across country just to fill up their car. Here are some facts to support my argument.


from the Energy Information Administration, part of the Dept of Energy, this link shows both a table, and a graph, of gasoline prices by different areas of the country for July 14, 2008. That was this past Monday.

The US average price is down 0.1 cents per gallon, not much, agreed, compared to last week.

But the West Coast price is down 2.5 cents, and California price is down 3.5 cents.

Facts are stubborn things. -- energyguy, aka Roger E. Sowell

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