Friday, February 6, 2009

Visitor Counter and Tracker

I recently added a nifty little gadget at the top left on Feb 3, a counter and tracking by country of visitors to energyguy's musings.  I had wondered if anybody was reading any of this!  A big THANK YOU to those who stop by.   Leave a comment, if you like. 

Recently there has not been much activity on, at least in the energy arena, so I have been fairly inactive over there.  I have instead been reading a bit on, a site mostly concerned with global warming and the various weaknesses in the warmist's claims.  
As an engineer, and trained attorney, I am swayed to the sceptic side.  There are just too many issues I see in the data collection and massaging.  There are too many unexplained occurrences, such as record cold in the northern hemisphere being caused by global warming.  

I also did a run-through on nuclear power costs over at climate progress, and learned once again that true-believers in nukes are not convinced by logic, facts, and sound arguments.  Oh well.  I challenged one commenter to go to investors, ask them for the money to build a nuclear power plant, and show them his sales contract for the power produced, with a sales price of $0.03 per kwh.   Then, report back as to which investors are willing to invest money or banks willing to lend money on those terms.  I was called all sorts of names for suggesting this, including intellectually dishonest, and using fallacious economic models!  


Ayrdale said...

Have noticed your comments at WattsUp, and also at FatBigot.
I too, lean (very much) to the sceptic side as you'll see at Mickysmuses.
I look forward to your postings with interest.

Roger Sowell said...


Thanks for that. You have a good site at mickysmuses. Looking forward to reading more there.


Roger E. Sowell